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Tubes for sale
Tubes for sale
6J32P — 46 pcs. for $5 ea.
6N6P — 44 pcs. for $3 ea.
6N6P-I — 333 pcs. for $3 ea.
6N8S — 78 pcs. for $2 ea.
6N9S — 9 pcs. for $2 ea.
6N23P — 54 pcs. for $10 ea.
6N23P-EV — 33 pcs. for $20 ea.
6P6S — 84 pcs. for $3.5 ea.
6P14P-EV — 400 pcs. for $10 ea.
6P14P-ER — 400 pcs. for $12 ea.
6P3S-E — 100 pcs. for $7 ea.
6S4S — 13 pcs. for $25 ea.
GS35B — 10 psa. for $100 ea.
GS31B — 7 pcs. for $70 ea.
RE: Tubes for sale
I‘m interested in 6p14p-ev.
Can you do matched pairs or quads?
Would buy a few pairs or quads.
Cayin CDT 17, pré Classic 9.0, amp Crown SR 1, Onken W (Ciare PW388), JBL 2392/2490H, McCauley 9620 / DS18-ProHA50 ou Megaton C9090
(+caissons infra 4x55cm pour la déco...)
RE: Tubes for sale
Hello, I would love to buy two quads of 6P14P-ER.
Please send me a reply by Message Privé.

Many thanks, have a very good weekend, Jacques
RE: Tubes for sale
Sorry. I am not able to match in pairs and quartets.
RE: Tubes for sale
I see, I would love to take 8 single 6P14P-ER then.
How much would cost shipping to Gap in France?
RE: Tubes for sale
Shipiing cost is $25 for 8 pcs.
Big Grin 
RE: Tubes for sale
Hi Smile
I would like to buy 8 6p14p-ev tubes .
Are you accept paypal ?
Total amount incl. shipping to the Netherlands.

Best regards Martin.
RE: Tubes for sale
I accept PayPal. The total amount is $10x8 +$25 =$105. Tell me your PayPal address, I’ll send the invoice.
RE: Tubes for sale
You have a private message  Smile

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