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presentation d'une alternative aux compressions
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RE: presentation d'une alternative aux compressions

Systems List › DIY › BMS 18N862 SEALED :

The BMS 18N862 driver performs very well in a sealed cabinet when compared to most professional style drivers. It offers good efficiency coupled with excellent power handling and what might be the highest effective displacement of any professional 18" on the market, with a geometric xmax of 19mm. In use it allows a� bit more excursion than that before the distortion goes up dramatically. It also like most other pro drivers offers excellent excursion overload characteristics with a soft bottom design that distorts heavily prior to any mechanical damage. The triple shorting rings in the neo magnet based motor keep the distortion extremely low until the driver is pushed to its limits. The fact that this driver weighs less than $30lbs is further icing on the cake.

The BMS 18n862 driver in the sealed test box boasts one of the more impressive sets of measurement that has been pulled from any driver.

Systems List › DIY › BMS 18n862 5.2ft Vented:

21/01/2019 16:32:47
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RE: presentation d'une alternative aux compressions - mastro - 21/01/2019 16:32:47

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