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1 Votes - 5 Moyenne   ALTEC Voix Du Théatre : Le Club des Vottistes
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RE: ALTEC Voix Du Théatre : Le Club des Vottistes

felix a écrit :
Anybody used the original crossover ALTEC N800D 16 ohms?

Hello Felix,

I used original crossovers with my VOTT. You are right some need to be recapped. But as soon as you start to make your own one, your VOTT will reach another world. The N800's are designed with efficiency in mind, but depending and how your particular components are sounding or aged the gain in smoothness will be amazing. Doing you own crossovers allows you to better tailor the frequency response for each components to get a more linear frequency response. Also don't forget, a VOTT in a movie theater differs from a VOTT used for hifi, I don't use my VOTT behind a screen.

I get +/- 5dB from 40Hz up to 20kHz with my home crossover comparing to +/-15dB within the same range with original xover. I can easily integrate a tweeter, I can linearize the impedance, I can over or under amortize a second order filter to equalize a bit a particular band. More play, more fun.

Best regards,


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